Why just believe me at my word? Below you will find (translated) statements from clients relating honestly how they experienced our cooperation.

“Annemarie worked for us for nearly 4 years. She did this with an abundance of dedication, know-how and fun. Both for our clients and us it was enjoyable to work with her. She could always be relied on and it was clear that striving for quality was always a key concept in her work.  She hugely contributed to our consultancy , not only through professional know-how but also socially. In addition, she carried out administrative duties. Among other things she took the initiative to optimize the quality of our publications and tighten up some of our procedures. On top of that she is great girl and I am happy that we have kept in touch. I was pleased to hear she is starting her own consultancy. I am positive she will be successful.”

– Cécile van Berkel – PelkmansVanBerkel Organisatieadviseurs

“First I only knew of Annemarie as the wife of a good friend. When I had reached a difficult point in my career she offered her help. During a number of sessions she used all her professional HR experience to help me move on.  Her sharp analysis of the situation and her frank comments really helped me to see things in perspective again so that I could make all the right choices again soon after our sessions. It pleases me to see that  she has decided to make a career of personal development and coaching.”

– Carlo Luijten – Assistent Professor TU/e

“Annemarie is a conscientious and decent professional coach, always reflecting and developing, who makes sure the other feels really heard and understood through her meticulous precision and unbiased love for people.”

– Elvira Lesman – Teacher Alba Academie

“Annemarie has a rare talent for getting from question to answer within a one-on-one conversation through asking the right insightful questions. We held our conversations via Skype which for me is the ideal solution, if the connection is good, to  get professional  Dutch coaching abroad.”

– Marieke Postema – Expat Jakarta

“Annemarie combines solid know-how and the drive to be successful. This does not only make her very talented but also resolute and result-oriented. She is a  quick-witted and pleasant professional”

– Wim van de Kerkhof – Head of RO sector at Grontmij Nederland